The Method Of Using The Handheld Metal Detector

- Mar 06, 2018-

The method of using the handheld metal detector


1, release the cover plate of the battery box with a small screwdriver and unload the battery cover back. The correct installation of 9V new alkaline battery (6F22S006P), focus on the positive and negative polarity of the battery. Push the battery cover and lock the fastening screw on the battery box


2, the handle position of holding the metal detector, a three-way switch is located on the left side of the OFF, from the position - alarm position

The green L E D power on the detector is on the lights and can hear a short B E E P sound.


3, use a known metal coin to test the function of your metal detector. When the detection disc moves horizontally above the metal coin and passes through the metal coin object, the buzzer should send out the alarm, and the red indicator light is on.


4, from the location of the alarm location -- the location of the vibration prompt, when the detection disc moves horizontally above the metal coin and passes through the metal coin object, the palm should feel the vibration hint, and can not hear the alarm, but the red indicator light is on. Regular tests should be carried out to ensure normal operation.


5, the sensitivity adjustment method: the "-" small screwdriver is used to adjust the sensitivity of the "sensitivity regulating hole" on the right of the metal detector. Adjusted clockwise counterclockwise adjustment can increase the sensitivity, can reduce the sensitivity of the following steps: first clockwise adjustment, has been transferred to the metal (or metal in the test area), hear a continuous alarm sound so far, at this point, you re counterclockwise until the callback, detector alarm can sound or vibration, sensitivity test metal object factory is set to one yuan coin is about 5 cm. Special hint: do not adjust the sensitivity to the height you need, or there will be a false alarm. When you do not need high sensitivity, you use a "-" small screwdriver to adjust counterclockwise.

6, low voltage indicator: when you open the metal detector at the beginning (not power metal objects, but the test) continuously hear the buzzer alarm sound, which indicates the metal detector internal use battery voltage low, should replace a new battery, can continue to use.

7, maintenance, maintenance: when the metal detector is not used, the switch should be dialed to "OFF position", and the metal detector should be kept clean and dry. In order to maintain its clean appearance, it can be wiped with wet cloth, but it is not clean with chemical cleaning agent.