The Method Of Converting All Metal Mode Of Underground Metal Detector

- Mar 06, 2018-

The method of converting all metal mode of underground metal detector


Underground metal detectors can be divided into many, then we should be how to choose their own underground metal detectors, which rely on us at the time of purchase, as manufacturers detailed understanding of their main functions and parameters, it is only one, the underground metal detectors have many small skills, such as the conversion of underground metal detector all metal mode!


All metal mode conversion methods:

1, choose metal detection mode: to detect precious metals, first of all, to find metals, so users should first use the whole metal detection mode. The specific way is to switch the work mode switch to the GND BAL mode.


2, the critical point adjustment: do not set the sensitivity very high after the start, the sensitivity knob to spin to 12 o'clock position. The detector is lifted, so that the distance between the probe and the ground is at least 1 meters. Then, when pressing the reset switch, rotate the tuning button TUNE to the red area clockwise until the loudspeaker alarm is heard. The accuracy of the critical point regulation will directly affect the sensitivity and stability of the detector.


3, the ground balance setting: after adjusting the critical point, then release the reset switch, rotate the balance button to P area, and probe the distance from the ground to 2-5 centimeters, you will hear the same alarm when the critical point is adjusted. If the sound is large at this time, then press the reset switch and counterclockwise to balance the knob to lower the voice. If the voice becomes smaller, then the clockwise rotating balance button increases the voice until the voice size is basically unchanged until lifting and dropping the probe.


4, sensitivity setting: do not set too high sensitivity when working normally, usually refer to the knob to 12 o'clock position, every time the sensitivity is adjusted.