The Market Demand Of Metal Detector Is Expanding

- Mar 24, 2020-

The market demand of metal detector is expanding

Metal detector is the main equipment used by enterprises to prevent and control metal foreign matters in products. Enterprises equipped with metal detector can effectively strengthen the prevention and control standards of product quality. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of foreign market position, on the one hand, improve the quality of products, on the other hand, avoid the damage of production equipment, metal detector equipment has become As an important part of enterprise quality control system, the market demand is constantly expanding, and the market of metal detector in China has also been developed rapidly.

According to the development report of metal detection equipment industry in recent ten years provided by China Industrial Research Center, the market of metal detection machine in China is developing rapidly. From the perspective of sales volume, the total sales record in 2019 is dozens of times higher than that of 10 years ago, but the industry competition is also fierce. Although the development momentum of the industry is very good, the threshold of production of metal detection machine is not very high A large number of small processing enterprises have entered the market, most of which do not have their own research and development capabilities, but purchase low-cost circuit boards and poor materials to process and produce. In order to obtain more benefits, these processing enterprises produce low-end and poor quality products on a large scale, and obtain market share at low prices, which greatly reduces customers' market share The user experience value also has a lot of adverse effects on the development of China's metal inspection machine market.


With the development of intelligent metal detector in recent years, the phenomenon of survival of the fittest appears in the market. Our users also feel the benefits of high-quality metal detector in the continuous market experience. The market share of low-end market is declining year by year, and the market share of medium and high-end products has reached more than 70%, and meet the needs of users with higher quality product quality and multi-functional configuration, At the same time of expanding the domestic market, it also improves the share of foreign market. The enterprises of the metal inspection machine need to strengthen the research and development ability, improve the scientific and technological content of the equipment, make full use of the scientific and technological strength, accelerate the development of multi-functional and diversified intelligent metal inspection machine, so as to improve the status of the metal inspection machine in the domestic and foreign market.

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