The Main Function Of Food Metal Detector In Processing

- Mar 17, 2018-

The main function of food metal detector in processing

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The main application of the food metal detector in the processing is to make a comprehensive solution. In the process of raw material harvesting and subsequent processing, food will be mixed with foreign substances due to improper methods or some unavoidable factors. These substances will cause harm to consumers and even endanger life, usually known as physical hazards. At present, in Japan and the UK and other developed countries, the complaints from food manufacturers are up to 70% - 80% due to the mixed foreign substances. Therefore, how to exclude foreign matter mixed with raw materials, prevent foreign matter from mixing in the process of packaging and find out foreign matter that has been mixed up and eliminate it has become an important research topic.


The main means of detecting food foreign bodies include X ray detection, metal detection, visual inspection, electronic scanning and so on. However, up to now, there is no way to detect or exclude all foreign substances that may be mixed. Metal detection is one of the most common methods, the metal detector is the food packaging and a metal material transmission line detection device, it can effectively identify the mixed metal materials of food and material, and the metal material removed by appropriate means. Because the transmission line is unidirectional, food and materials only pass through the metal detector once, which requires it not only has high detection sensitivity, but also has a reliable detection effect.