The Main Features And Application Fields Of The Metal Testing Machine For Tablets

- Apr 10, 2018-

The main features and application fields of the metal testing machine for tablets


The main features of the tablets metal testing machine:

  • It is suitable for high cost performance solution after tablet press or capsule filling machine and screen machine.

  • The direct flow of products prevents the product from breaking.

  • High sensitivity, can detect metal debris as small as 0.3mm;

  • The productivity is increased, and the output per hour is as high as 500 thousand tablets or capsules.

  • It is simple to use, icon user interface (GUI) and durable touch keyboard.

  • It is helpful to conform to FDA's 21CFRpart210 and 211 pharmaceutical production quality management standard (GMP).

  • Compact and easy to move, it is designed according to the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

  • The design of the patent multi coil is of consistently quality, sensitivity and stability, which are all in the leading position of the industry, and are not affected by product effects or environmental changes.

  • The error rate is low, and it is very stable and reliable.

  • When the system is designed, the maintenance is convenient, so the equipment can be quickly and conveniently disassembled and cleaned. The protection level of the equipment is IP65.

  • The food safety of this system is always strong and durable, and it can run without failures for many years.

  • Equipped with lockable casters, it can move in whole and adjust height / angle. Users can easily integrate them into the flexible production system of batch operation.

  • Stainless steel and plastic material approved by FDA;


Application areas:

The metal detection system can maximize the brand protection and the most demanding environmental requirements for the pharmaceutical industry. It is suitable for high performance price ratio solution after tablet press or capsule filling machine and screen machine.


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