The Joy Of The Seashore Underground Detector, The Joy Of Detection

- Mar 14, 2018-

The joy of the seashore underground detector, the joy of detection


Underground metal detectors are more common in foreign countries. It is an alternative crowd of underground metal detectors, pursuing an atypical experience. "What are they holding in their hands?" What are the tricks of the detection process? What do they have the little-known inside life? What makes them unable to stop in the road to find the beach?" As for the people's questions, the United States' serial 'magazine has made a special report. A great many metal detectors will open your headset, and the whole world of isolation, focus on their own "treasure" tour, for the novice, to detect a bottle will make them excited. According to the online magazine, "on the surface, metal detection may be an easy way to get lost. In fact, most treasure hunters seldom sell their products. It is not very rare for them to find precious jewels and relics, though not much. Sometimes, the items they find can pay for the purchase of equipment, but the most we hear is "I have been saving all the items I have detected". Making a fortune is not the ultimate goal they pursue. "


This foreign friend enthusiastically showed his treasure to reporters. Most of them were one yuan coins, and some metal rings were similar to ring fingers. The reporter asked him why he liked this kind of life very much. He said in his less fluent Chinese: "it's a psychological pleasure to dig into treasure." It is understood that many fans will treasure the metal detector itself as a similar meditation experience, help them get rid of earthly troubles and unhappiness.


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