The Introduction Of The Connection Mode Of The Gate And The Access Control System

- Mar 27, 2018-

The introduction of the connection mode of the gate and the access control system


At present, there is not a customer friend who chooses  turnstile gate machine in the industry that applies gate machine. As long as the gate machine is connected with some control systems, it will run. In the current control system, fingerprint identification, face recognition, identity identification, password recognition, and card recognition are used in the current control system. Various, according to the different needs, the turnstile barrier gate can choose different control switches. Today, according to the different access gate connection, let's take a look at the Suzhou aoteng introduction.

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According to the design principle of the current barrier gate, it is generally divided into two kinds:


A, built-in intelligent control unit and intelligent control unit (called pure baremetal). The gate with built-in control unit is connected to the system by internal control card reader, action mechanism and display unit by control unit. There are two ways to connect.


A.1 and TCP/IP network interface, which is fast and large in information volume, is a common way through the connection of network cable or optical fiber. The investment of optical fiber communication is slightly larger, and the distance between common network lines can not be too long, generally less than 100 meters.


A.2, serial communication interface, common RS485, RS422, RS232. RS485 is a half duplex communication, communication distance up to 1200 meters, communication wire less communication, but the speed is slow, may lead to the ticket gates slowly; RS422 for full duplex communication, communication distance up to 1200 meters, fast communication speed, meet the speed requirements of the ticket gates, but the communication wire RS232 and RS422 consumption; for full duplex communication, but communication distance is only 10 meters.


B, without intelligent control unit, there are two kinds of connection modes:


B.1, switch quantity interface: the card reader signal is uploaded through the serial interface, and the control signal is down through the switch quantity. The structure is simple, the cost is low, and it is easy to maintain. But the amount of information is small, and more information collection and display can not be realized.


B.2, serial server: the main unit inside the sluice is connected to the serial server, and then the serial server is connected to the system through the TCP/IP interface. The structure is simple, the cost is low, and the reliability is high.


The connection between the gate and the door control system. In fact, it is a lot of trouble for the customers, but it is inevitable. After all, this determines the way of control, the control method, and so on. So if you have a question about the gate, you can call our hotline and contact our staff. They will give you a professional answer. Suzhou aoter technology, professional pedestrian gate machine manufacturers, trustworthy.