The Importance Of The Needle Detector Machine In The Garment Factory

- Mar 12, 2018-

The importance of the needle detector machine in the garment factory


As the safety index of consumer goods, the clothing inspection needle is an important content of the finishing of clothing. The international demand for clothing needle inspection is the most severe in the world. In the 80s of last century, the consumer injury incidents caused by broken needles in clothing frequently occurred, prompting the Japanese government to promulgate the consumer rights protection laws and regulations in the form of legislation, so as to enhance the control of residual needles. In July 1, 1995, the Japanese government began to formally implement the "product responsibility law". In fact, before the emergence of this law, Japanese garment importers have already had special strict requirements for the residue of clothing. According to the laws of Japan, if the products that are produced or sold exist, if any residual needles exist, the producers and sellers will be severely punished, if they cause harm to consumers, they will also be compensated. In order to avoid economic losses caused by broken needles, Japanese clothing importers not only require manufacturers to check needles before products are released, but also set up factories for testing products for needle checking. The inspection needle marks are suspended or attached to the qualified products of the needle. The needle metal residue requirement has been developed to the needle Garment accessories, apparel products exported to Japan, the use of the trousers hook, hook, hooks, skirt snaps, zippers and other metal accessories, 100% needle.


In view of the strict management and requirements for the needle in the garment industry, the arrangement of the clothing inspection machine is an indispensable and important work. The clothing enterprise is mainly divided into two aspects of control and detection for the management of the needle.


The control of the needle is mainly to the inspection of the auxiliary needle and the management of the needle broken needle in the production. For clothing needle machine requirements, the use of accessories usually need to be able to pass the needle machine, accessories should be conducted before using needle detection requirements, can through the needle accessories specialized equipment, the test is actually mainly to clothing needle or metal residues were detected when more convenient.