The Importance Of The Installation Of The Passageway Machine For All Types Of Construction Sites

- Mar 24, 2018-

The importance of the installation of the passageway machine for all types of construction sites


Many people are not aware of the necessity of installing a turnstile gate on a site. But the staff of the site are disorderly, the workload and the work efficiency are very difficult to count, and the circulation of the site personnel also has the hidden danger...


The construction workers are systematically managed through the installation of the site turnstile gate. The effective management of the site workers and materials can be effectively improved. It makes the personnel, the workload and the work efficiency more intuitively.


But when choosing the site gate, we should pay attention to the following items:

1, first of all, we should consider the number of use of various site sluice machines, that is, the flow of people in the construction site, and the frequency of the use of the sluice. These not only determine the workload of the sluice during the rush hour, but also determine the service life of the site gate.

2, one of the other problems to be considered on the site gate is the problem of noise. If the noise is too large, it will affect the use of the brake machine and also affect the comfort.

3, the shape of the full high switch needs to be paid attention to, as well as waterproof, dustproof and rust prevention.

4, it is important to note that the site gate must ensure emergency evacuation when encountering sudden situation, so as to ensure the safety of everyone.


Our Suzhou aoteng technology site gate noise is small, and the chassis with 304 GB stainless steel, has excellent waterproof and dust-proof anti-rust function! For the personnel management of the construction site, the site gate is used for management personnel. The diversity of the site environment has a crucial impact on management, site gate Altium can be customized for the specific environment of gate flow of people, so that their own environment, to serve their own site.