The Importance Of Metal Detector In Coal Mine For Coal Mining

- Apr 11, 2018-

The importance of metal detector in coal mine for coal mining


In our country, the north area is rich in coal resources, many of the large coal fields in our country are in the northern area, of course, including Inner Mongolia and Shanxi and other places. These places are very common for the use of coal mine metal detector. Why does this need such a machine? In fact, in the process of producing coal, we need to break the coal blocks, otherwise, it can not be used to calcining coke and smelting metal, so it is possible to do a lot of things after the coal is processed. Even if it is a thermal power plant, it is necessary to burn the coal after it is broken, because this can be full. Let the energy of coal be released to ensure the maximum use of resources. But we should know that in the production of coal, there is no need to use a coal mine metal detector, because in the process of coal production, no machine needs to break the huge coal blocks, so even if there are metal fragments, no one will care.


Care about whether there are metal sheets in the coal mine, mainly the processing of all kinds of coal. They all need to crush the coal. For example, coal washing plants and coking plants and other kinds of factories that use coal resources. These factories are very common for the use of the metal detector for coal mines. No matter what kind of factory it is, it is necessary to use coal as an important source of energy or the processing of direct coal. If there is no such tool, no one can guarantee it in the process of production. Safe production.


Therefore, the use of coal mine metal detector is still very wide, even if some industry can not use such a machine, but it is sure that it has been heard.