The Hidden Danger And Development Direction Of Biometric Access Control System

- Mar 20, 2018-

The hidden danger and development direction of biometric access control system


Although fingerprint, palm and iris biometric access to not only convenient in safety, easy management and other aspects of each have expertise, but fingerprinting methods themselves have serious security risks mainly reflected in the biological characteristics outside the human body is easy to be copied.


The environmental requirements of the biometric access control system, for the fingers humidity and cleanliness are very sensitive, dirty, oil and water will form can not identify or affect the identification results; fingerprint characteristics of certain people or groups, and no fingerprints, so it is difficult to have scars on imaging; peeling, low quality etc. fingerprint identification rate low, difficult to identify the presence of doubt about some calloused hands more Brawn workers and other special populations and identify some of the registered fingerprint can not show large hard; scratch, eyes do not appear red face bleeding, cannot have injury situation, and how much will beard accuracy and sensitivity for identification.


With the development of society and the acceleration of the pace of life, the flow of people in public places such as office buildings, libraries and other public places is increasing. Controlling the normal operation of these occasions and ensuring public safety become important tasks of management institutions. Considering the viewpoint of energy saving and environmental protection, there are billions of people in China. The possession of access control cards is quite considerable. Following the new trend of energy saving and environmental protection, new entry and break of access control system is the key. How to combine the advantages of medical science and biological identification and the advantages of traditional access control cards is the development direction of access control system.