The Function Of The Door Control Face Recognition Machine

- Mar 01, 2018-

The function of the door control face recognition machine


Face recognition access control channel gate through a combination of measures of witness, can effectively prevent the illegal crime of staff. The installation of face recognition machine should be installed as much as possible at the entry point of the key field. For example, the entrance and parking area of a school is a necessary way for teachers and students, vehicles. It is also a place where criminals often play, and is the most important part of school safety management. Next look at the face recognition gate lock machine needs to have what kind of function to be more secure.


Prompt function of face recognition machine:

When parents come to school to pick up their children, they can start to identify whether or not it is on the campus to identify or not be a stranger.


The practicability of the face recognition barrier gate plan:

The system's front-end goods and system software have excellent learning and rapidity. In particular, the learning ability enables computer operators with primary operation level to grasp the operation methods of the system and arrive at the operational level of the end duty tasks after a short training.


Face recognition turnstile gate advanced nature:

Under the premise of ensuring the practicability and speed of stability, channel access control should also have certain progressiveness, so as to ensure that it will not be screened in the future period, and can satisfy the requests and needs in the application of channels.


Face recognition machine stability:

Because the channel system is a continuous and long time working system, and is closely related to everyone's normal life and work, so the stability of the system is particularly important. Request the commodity system to have more than five years of successful use of the market experience, with the corresponding customer base and customer service system.


Face recognition gate security:

All the equipment and accessories in the channel system should be in line with our national or international safety regulations, and can be useful in non ambitions. Strong real-time monitoring function and linkage alarm function, so as to ensure the safety of the operator's environment.


Face recognition barrier gate is easy to maintain:

That is to say, the maintenance of the brake machine should be as simple and easy as possible. The work of the system is really open to work and the degree of work can be plugged in. And there is no need to use too much special maintenance in the maintenance process.


Face recognition turnstile gate widening:

The skills of channel system continue to move forward and user needs are changing. Therefore, the planning and implementation of channel system should take into consideration the practical needs that can be widened in the future.