The Function Of Intelligent Security Door And Entrance Guard Linkage

- Mar 26, 2018-

Scheme two) the function of intelligent security door and entrance guard linkage

1. Linkage Description:

Support for access control and management, the normal security door door prohibition is normally open state, security door alarm and can emit signals close to lock the door before the channel, prohibited personnel need to through the side channel left side channel and start signal transmission to the normal security channel, the front end equipment automatically in the traffic state; and send the alarm distance the client (Management Center). The illegal person goes to the security inspection area through the side passageway to check the reason of self alarm, take out the alarm source and put it into the chute, and queue up for the security check again, so the employee will observe the safety inspection rules and regulations conscientiously. Realize the intelligent security inspection.


2, management center online processing:

The management personnel can get in touch with the on-site illegal personnel through the security equipment platform, and deal with the problems in time. The real-time intercom, identify illegal intruder, on-site personnel to capture video or pictures, but also outside the docking platform equipment such as: pedestrian gate series, anti electrostatic signal transfer switch workshop, clean room, laboratory / Institute of access control equipment (can be linked to your arbitrary access control equipment).


The platform can realize the unmanned security door 24 hours unmanned management, only need a management center. Reduce the cost of the enterprise and improve the image of science and technology.

Note: the above system software is upgraded to free, and the hardware needs to be paid.