The Factory Works Overtime To Produce The Walk Through Metal Detector Security Gate To Ensure That The Delivery Time Is Not Delayed

- Apr 09, 2021-

Recently, the demand for security gates has increased. As most customers have urgent orders, the factories work overtime to catch the goods for customers, strive to deliver the goods before the delivery date, and give customers a satisfactory explanation. Use practical actions to show that we value and be responsible for customers. ! Customer satisfaction is our greatest motivation. It is very important to ensure that every production period can be completed on time, customer plans will be implemented on time, and various security inspections will be completed on schedule. This is a very important thing!


Our current production line is fully staffed, all of them are capable and practical, have an excellent working attitude and self-motivated, and can always find a more efficient method in the work, have a high degree of assurance of the quality of security door products, and treat every detail They all hold a very serious work attitude, so that they are becoming more and more advanced in this professional field, and their technical understanding of products is getting deeper and deeper, so that many technologies can be innovated on the basis of solid professional knowledge!

The production of the entire factory is very orderly. From assembly to testing, one step after the other, the progress is getting faster and faster. The workers are attentive, and the parts are produced from their hands, and the security gate equipment for testing is erected one by one. , One by one, the security inspection equipment for sealing the finished products and loading the vehicles, these are all in one go!


Some customers are very rushed because of the need for walk through metal detector security inspection doors. In order to complete the customer’s production work in a shorter time and produce the customer’s walk through metal detector security doors as soon as possible, we will choose to work overtime to produce, so that the customer’s delivery period will be guaranteed. Until the customer's production is solved, this is what all the staff of Suzhou Aoteng have to do. Working overtime to solve problems for customers and maximize customer service within our professional scope is also our greatest happiness!

In order to cope with urgent orders, in addition to the efficient daily production work to move forward, and then through overtime production, our factory can complete urgent orders in a very short time. This is why more customers choose us for production. With the improvement of efficiency and the advancement of delivery time, customers will like us again!


Of course, working overtime can shorten the delivery period, but we are more pursuing efficient production methods and looking for solutions in a good work and rest cycle as much as possible, but for the sake of our customers, we are more willing to work overtime as soon as possible! After all, working overtime can also increase our reception and improve our ability faster!

In short, orders can be better fulfilled in advance here, quality is better guaranteed, and service is more intimate. Whether it is a domestic walk through metal detector security inspection door order or a foreign walk through metal detector security inspection door order, we can get effective production solutions here.