The Difference Between The Speed Gate And The Swing Gate

- Jan 31, 2018-

The difference between the speed gate and the swing gate


Pedestrian speed through gate and swing gate are gate management traffic, also depends on the swinging arm to complete its function, carefully speaking, speed through door is an upgraded version of the swing gate, the following from the appearance, movement structure, product performance and other aspects of using the speed difference at the door and the swing gate.


Appearance difference between swing gate and speed door

In many areas and the office,swing gate will be able to see, the set of swing gate primarily for the convenience of bicycle, electric car, motorcycle, swing gate appearance usually single core 280mm dual core width, 300mm width, light lattice lights, some large swing arm with 304 stainless steel, there are some small organic glass. Swing gate looks heavy feeling all. But speed pass outside the door to watch, contrast slender, looks light and rich feeling, the core structure is small, the single core is usually usually 150mm wide, double core is usually 210mm, 1500mm long, the length can be determined by the customer. The credit card window is slender and the indicator light is also smaller. The swing arm is basically plexiglass or toughened glass. The swing arm drive rod is a bit thick, and the diameter is 51-63mm. From outside, the manufacturing technology and the overall appearance are all high-end and atmosphere.

The difference place between them can be felt from the appearance, and the speed through the door is huge.


Difference of machine core between speed door and swing gate

Swing brake movement with sliding friction, the four round of four slot principle, the transmission power is low, a roller and groove 90 degrees position, each swing swing arm, a sliding groove wheel will also depend on the location, tissue death, arm encounter force, without collision avoidance equipment, direct hit or arm movement light, swing arm against zero center, the two do not, are not synchronized, while movement can not operate normally, the swing arm bent, motor selection brush motor, not only can not legally break alarm, lock gate. The general swing gate must pay attention against will damage or kill.

But an open gate movement speed Jebsen solenoid valve and clutch linkage using motor encoder, high transmission power, the transmission coefficient, the effective power transfer limit to the maximum motor swing arm, brushless motor or servo motor selection telephone, can also use a brush motor, swing arm in a sudden force effect, swing arm contrary to zero, the solenoid valve immediately lock, eliminate the effect of external force, the encoder arm back to zero command, an active reset, not legal in red gate, the electromagnetic valve will immediately lock gate, and alarm, prompt credit card.

Swing brake movement and speed through the door movement is not the same, a friction without the use of long life, a kind of sliding friction with short life, energy and power are not the same, so the speed through the door movement and swing gate is different in the future, vigorously develop various series of Jebsen Ann speed through the door, to get used to the needs of the times. To go in front of the industry, now the general screening gradually swinging gate.