The Development Of Intelligent Walk Through Metal Detector Security Gate

- Dec 23, 2019-

The development of intelligent walk through metal detector security gate

At present, the investment in security inspection in subway and other application occasions not only includes the purchase of corresponding walk through metal detector, X-ray baggage scanner security inspection machine and other equipment, but also needs to increase the corresponding security inspection personnel. With the increase of detection means and complexity, the professional quality requirements of security inspectors are improved, and the security inspection cost is rising. Therefore, to develop more intelligent inspection means and improve the work efficiency of security inspectors is also an important direction of security equipment development.

Leasing will become increasingly common. With the increasing application of security equipment, the demand for temporary security equipment in some cultural places and some stadiums is also increasing. Leasing can reduce equipment investment and maintenance costs, which is a better choice for owners with weak financial strength. At the same time, in the future, the service revenue of equipment enterprises will gradually increase, the role of service will become increasingly prominent, and even become the key factor to determine the competitiveness of manufacturers.

The security system shall be integrated with other security systems, including monitoring system, alarm system and emergency linkage system. From many angles and ways to ensure the effectiveness of the security system. Security inspection system mainly plays the role of prevention in advance. Once an emergency occurs, we must rely on other means to reduce the adverse consequences of the event. This requires the security system to achieve effective integration with other security systems, so as to establish an effective security mechanism of "before" and "after" cooperation.