The Container X-ray Machine Was Officially Launched At Sanshan Port, Foshan

- Sep 30, 2019-

This large-scale container inspection equipment scans the container cargo by X-ray. The system automatically identifies the container and collects the cargo image, weight and other data. Customs officers can judge the types of goods according to the cargo images and customs declarations. Without opening the container, they can complete the whole inspection process. This is a large container inspection system which integrates many kinds of high-tech. It is one of the high-tech means used by customs in recent years. In addition to the three mountains in the South China Sea, this year, Guangzhou Customs has added such advanced inspection equipment to Nansha New Port and Shunde Beijiao Port.


During the trial operation, the number of H986 inspection cabinets has reached more than 80 per day. It is expected that the number of annual inspection containers will reach more than 24,000. According to the system design, the maximum inspection capacity can reach 20 to 25 cabinets per hour. The inspection capability of imported goods in Sanshan Port will be increased by at least 25%, which is expected to increase from 600 cabinets per day to more than 700 cabinets per day. This will help more local enterprises declare customs near the South China Sea and save transportation costs and time costs for imports circuitous to other customs areas.

At the same time, H986 will greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of customs inspection, especially when the container loads a single cargo, customs officers can accurately judge the cargo according to the cargo image and customs declaration form, which not only guarantees the timeliness of customs clearance, but also realizes strict supervision. The opening of H986 is also welcomed by port and import and export enterprises. According to Kong Qingwei, deputy general manager of Nanhai International Container Terminal Co., Ltd., this is a national first-class port specializing in foreign trade, with a port area of 430,000 square meters, a supervision area of 220,000 square meters, and an annual design throughput of 450,000 standard boxes. At present, there are nearly 400,000 standard boxes of inbound and outbound containers every year. The opening of H986 will greatly improve the efficiency of customs clearance, attract more local enterprises and even the surrounding enterprises to customs declaration, and further stimulate the potential of Sanshan Port.