The Best Use Method Of MD3003B1 Handheld Metal Detector

- Mar 14, 2018-

The best use method of MD3003B1 handheld metal detector


The best use method of MD3003B1 hand held metal detector;

The hand-held metal detector has the automatic conversion function of the starting and detecting alarm lights and the sound and light, and the sound is crisp and loud. The detector for security checks at airports, stations, docks, prisons, customs, public security, border security department; quality inspection of food, medicine, business systems; and the detection of precious metals (such as gold and silver jewelry factory) and an important place for safety inspection such as field investigation.


Usage method


1, press the power switch forward, send out the opening prompting sound, green indicator light, indicating that the power has been connected, and can be detected. When the probe is held, the hand holds the handle to scan the detector around the object. When it is metal, it will automatically turn to the red light and sound at the same time. When stopping and scanning, the sound will stop and the green indicator light will shine.


2, push back the key, that is, send off the alarm sound, green indicator lights out, indicating that the power has been cut off.


3. When the sensitivity is high, it will stop after the start of the 3~4 second sound. It is a normal phenomenon and can be used after stopping.


Sensitivity adjustment


1, if the detection distance can not reach the required or high sensitivity to cause instability or alarm for the human body, the sensitivity adjustment should be carried out. Method: both hands hold the detector and the battery cover plate, gently pull back the battery board.


2, after switching on the power supply, adjust the potential screws on the battery front-end circuit board with a small screwdriver, then turn to half circle to counteract the clockwise sound until it is silent. Clockwise to increase sensitivity, counter clockwise to reduce sensitivity, adjust the back cover battery cover to replace the battery:


1, take off the battery cover plate: the method, such as the fifth first, loading the positive and negative (9V) battery, cover the battery cover board.


Matters needing attention


1. When the sensitivity is over high, a continuous alarm will be issued after the start of the machine, and the sensitivity can be lowered.


2. Please cut off the power supply after use. Long time should remove the batteries to prevent leakage, to avoid damage.