The Benefits Of Installing Entrance Guard Systems In Various Places

- Mar 20, 2018-

The use of the entrance guard in the medical hospital system:

It can obstruct outsiders from entering the infection area and the precision instrument room.

It can obstruct someone to bring bacteria into the operation room and other aseptic situations because of the excitement.

It can obstruct the unlawful collective impact of the management of the hospital, and avoid the harm of public property and harm to the medical workers and hospital leaders.


The application of the entrance guard in the telecommunication base station and the substation of the power supply bureau:


Telecom and power supply bureau has such characteristics: base station substation, request the system capacity. The distribution is very wide, and even hundreds of square kilometers, there is a network of things, in some places is unattended, the staff at the scene needs mobile scheduling dispatching center.


The completion plan is: using the network type access control device, through the LAN or the Internet for remote handling

The use of door control in the control of intelligent elevator:


The access control system and access control card called the elevator, elevator, elevator IC card, as long as the authorized user can call: according to the equipment on the floor; the intelligent community has been increasing, in order to control the elevator control circuit composed of special planning, elevator access control system exclusive.