The Application Of The Entrance Guard System In The Entry And Exit Of The Intelligent Community

- Mar 20, 2018-

The application of the entrance guard system in the entry and exit of the intelligent community:

Usually in the gate of the community,palisade gate,electrically operated gate,fir-proof door, anti-theft door device access control system can effectively obstruct the Xianzarenyuan into small, closed area to handle effectively. To change the residential security depends on the memory to judge is not who the imprecise not cautious way for if the residential property owners, the new security guard way can cause ill. If the owners of foreign personnel, in excellent security perhaps that is the owner without questioning, this will also bring security risks.


The access control system of safety science can improve the property level, more conducive to the implementation of real estate developers. The owners will scientifically useful entry for benefit. Network access to the security monitor all in and out the door, if you end and the case can provide the basis for the import record. After the query


It can be used in connection with the building intercom system and the visual intercom system.

It is able to spend the parking lot and so on in the community.

The use of the entrance guard in the government's working institutions:

A useful standard of work can be used to prevent the unlawless people from impact on the work of the government and to safeguard the personal safety of the leaders.