The Answer To The Misinformation Of The Walkthrough Security Door

- Mar 12, 2018-

The answer to the misinformation of the walkthrough security door


In the absence of metal, why the security door still alarm? Because when the gate is magnetic, electrical and electronic equipment all generated by the electromagnetic wave emitted from the workshop or office, or large metal security doors are sometimes accepted as a result of the gate magnetic field magnetic field transmitting and receiving in shaking state, so there is no security door above the normal work. Can be installed to the security door there is no interference where the trial has obvious effect in contrast, hardware enterprises and public security door work environment the best place.


There is no an electronics factory can achieve 70% accuracy. For example, Founder computer, before not installed security doors, the first half loss of about 800000 yuan CPU, due to indoor serious interference, had to use the construction of the wall of a house, the security door installed on the inside, but also to avoid interference, because of our 3 security doors, so far haven't lost a thing. The Fujitsu group, due to severe loss of resources, installed 36 security doors, interference of industrial park more electronic factory all, be unbearable to contemplate, the magnetic field can not be seen or even touched something, in fact we only try to control the loss of resources the lowest. ZTE group, Philips and other famous enterprises are using the above method. We also serve hundreds of Taiwan funded enterprises.


In fact, the role of the metal detector is the biggest deterrent, through security industry more than 10 years of experience, according to the survey found that the current from the installation of security doors company, 80% employees of the psychological fear, the dismissed employees worry, not to mention the idea of the safety door the remaining 20% employees to theft of stolen, then the exhibition go to play a deterrent role. Interference in the security situation, the detection accuracy rate is generally 70%, assuming a 1000 factory employees, 200 is to steal ideas (20%), the safety door can be detected by (70%), 700 employees have been reduced to zero, even if not detected, also belong to accidental phenomenon, the ultimate guarantee of theft rate reduce.