The Analysis Of The Design Idea Of The Switch Gate

- Mar 30, 2018-

The analysis of the design idea of the switch gate


Switch gate, as a very remarkable security effect, is widely used in various occasions. And we all know that only the right one is the best. Therefore, according to the different situations, and the different requirements of the customer. The full height gates we provide are also different. Therefore, in the design of switching, we need to decide according to all kinds of circumstances.


The analysis of the design idea of the turnstile switch gate

1. security is the first consideration in any product design; the switch has such a primary requirement.

2., after ensuring the absolute safety of products, we must consider the stability of the whole core and control system. Only a stable system can ensure the normal operation of the machine.

3., in the aspects of induction time, induction location, induction distance and so on, according to the habits of the masses, we make corresponding rules. The movement and control part need to consider the humanization of the passage, and take the user's more convenient access as the principle, starting from the user experience.

4., the generated gate is made of stainless steel sheet, which is rust proof, durable and meets the normal use in most cases. It is waterproof, sunscreen, cold resistant, and high temperature resistant.

5. has a certain development ability, in different environments can be extended to the automatic identification system, access control, attendance, fingerprint recognition, fingerprint recognition, cell recognition, plus induction card charges, face recognition, barcode recognition, fingerprint recognition, gate advanced concepts into the system, to meet the market demand, technological innovation. In order for our customers to provide more quality products.

Application of the principle of turnstiles: an open access system can quickly accessible by Wheelchair Access in personnel fast and accurate screening of illegal status, and outputs the alarm signal and capture photos, avoid the legal identity verification with the sacrifice of time caused by the import and export congestion. At the same time, image comparison technique is used to screen suspicious entry records or suspicious personnel information in sensitive time period. It embodies the organic combination of safety management and humanized management.