The Advantage Of Choosing AOTENG Brand OF Walk Through Metal Detector Gate

- Apr 05, 2019-

1.the stability of the walk through metal detector gate: the user with a paper clip in the middle of the door should walk once, not miss and miss the report. Poor quality security door will sometimes alarm when approaching its sensitivity limit, sometimes do not alarm, and put in three areas of things, showing that the alarm is in five areas.


2. Sensitivity of walk through metal detector gates. Paper clips can be detected in the middle of the door. Because the principle of security gate is that when metal objects pass through the magnetic field produced by the two sides of the door pillars, it will cause the magnetic field induction and alarm, which will inevitably lead to the phenomenon that the sensitivity will decrease from the two sides of the door plate to the middle area, that is, the sensitivity of the two sides near the door plate will be higher than that of the middle. Many security door manufacturers now claim to be able to detect a metal the size of a clip, but in fact many manufacturers can only barely detect it when they are very close to the door panels on both sides, and there is no reaction in the middle. In the case of excluding belt buckles, small pieces of iron can be detected, and in the case of excluding belt buckles, keys, mobile phones, coins, control tools and firearms can be detected.


3. Qualification and certification of the security inspection department. The production of walk through metal detector must have a production license issued by the Ministry of Public Security, a quality and safety inspection certificate issued by the Ministry of Public Security, and export must be certified by CE. Many do not have the relevant qualifications and certification, the majority of users must understand before buying.


4. Seismic resistance of security gates: the door can not be continuously sounded when it is shaking. The stability and anti-interference ability of a security gate directly affects the normal use of the security gate. Some enterprises and users do not pay attention to the relevant aspects when purchasing security gates or are deliberately avoided by some manufacturers, resulting in poor stability of the security gates purchased. As soon as there is a rush, there will be constant false alarms, which seriously affects the normal use. Based on the principle of magnetic field induction of security gate, when the magnetic field of security gate vibrates, it is easy to cause false alarm. When no one passes through a security gate, there should be no false alarm even if the magnetic field oscillates (such as strong wind or slapping the door plate to make the door shake). When the magnetic field oscillates, someone passes by, and we must ensure that it returns to normal quickly, instead of constantly misreporting.


V. Effectiveness of security gate detection. The security gate has the functions of automatically counting the number of passers-by and the number of alarms. If the number shown does not match the actual number of passers-by, it may lead to missed reports, which means that there are loopholes in security inspection. A good security gate should be able to walk 100 times and detect 100 times.


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