Testing And Inspecting Method Of Food Needle Machine

- Feb 07, 2018-

Testing and inspecting method of food needle machine


How to debug the food safety metal detector? How to detect it? Many people bought the food metal detector, but they didn't know how to debug it. This article will teach you how to debug and detect it.


The detection object is set to [standards], the sensitivity is the system default factory set value system (the disabled this function in general); set to “custom”, the detection sensitivity is set to the user testing value; sensitivity settings were 1~9 grade, 1 grade is the highest, increases the number after the sensitivity is reduced accordingly, the user can give the corresponding data according to the requirements of object detection and sensitivity (1~9), if you want to set the sensitivity of Fe(iron), should click on the digital symbol, namely Figure 2 [X], selected after the counter display, then click the symbol for increasing number of levels, decreasing the number of levels, after confirmation by [save] storage settings and automatically return to the main menu interface. If you need to set the SUS (stainless steel) sensitivity, you can operate according to the above method.

[detection mode]

This function is to set up a test run mode.

Click the way you need to set,  after confirmation,click”storage”button and automatically return to the main menu interface.

[automatic]: after the alarm, the motor does not stop (the conveyor belt not stop), and the turn board is arranged according to the time series. No turning board function is prohibited automatically.

[manual]: after the alarm, the motor stops (the conveyor belt stops).

[reversing]: the motor reverses after the alarm (reversing of the conveyor belt), after the reversal is suspended, it is carried out according to the set time sequence.