Test Method For Stability Of Walk Through Metal Detection Gate

- Feb 02, 2018-

Test method for stability of walk through metal detector gate


Usually customers choose to buy through metal probe doors, they know the stability of the detection gate is very important, but how to detect the stability of the probe door? Here are the following:


Generally speaking, the design of the metal detector is a real-time signal strength, can show the strength of metal objects and the interference signal, real-time signal indicator is very important, especially in the initial installation and use, as we can for the first time in the installation process, according to the situation of light refers to the use of lights, make some adjustments to the security appropriate parameters, reduce the interference of the external environment, so as to improve the accuracy of detection.


Some manufacturers cancel signal or close it when users feel the metal detector work normally, in fact, the security door is always unstable, so regardless of whether you take a metal, will alarm, and the signal strength indicator in the installation according to the interference intensity caused by the trouble to adjust the working parameters, eliminate interference effects on safety, ensure the normal work of the metal detection door management.


The first is to turn on the power, stop the infrared radiation, it can eliminate the infrared limit alarm function, if the alarm is set to a level of sensitivity, sensitivity, so it can make the metal anti-theft alarm waiting, and then observe the lights shining bright, if it is found that for many times, even the alarm, you can try to change the work safety the frequency of the adjacent frequency to avoid interference, until at least, if the work frequency changes, security work is still unstable, or even chaos alarm, indicating that the stability of the security and anti interference capability.