Terahertz X Light Screening Machine Is The Industry's Piercing Eye

- Mar 08, 2018-

Terahertz X light screening machine is the industry's piercing eye


The illegal elements are carried with them. It is difficult to identify them by a metal detector without passing the xray  inspection machine. Faced with this situation, the industry launched a new concept of "terahertz" security inspection machine. Before that, only a few countries such as the United States had the ability to develop such devices. Now, the scholars, engineers and entrepreneurs in Shanghai have joined together to break up the monopoly and have successfully developed the terahertz security machine with the world's first class level.


The frequency of terahertz electromagnetic wave is much lower than that of visible light. It is between microwave and far-infrared. It falls at 100 billion Hz (terahertz, THz) frequency band. In many applications, security inspection is the most potential in the near future. Terahertz wave has good perspective imaging ability and can easily pass through all kinds of packaging and fabrics. And its photon energy is only one millionth of X ray, which is 1/5000 of visible light, and it has no health risk to human body.


In fact, the archetype of "weapons", including ceramic knives, 3D printing guns, etc., is not metallic. But this "camera" can use a special kind of "light" terahertz electromagnetic wave, "the contraband illuminate" hidden, thus giving the screeners a pair of piercing eye.