Temperature Measurement Walk Through Metal Detector Security Gate Keeps Epidemic Prevention And Security Check In Place

- Mar 05, 2020-

Temperature measurement walk through metal detector security gate keeps epidemic prevention and security check in place

At present, at the beginning of school, masks, thermometers and other epidemic materials are in short supply. Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. donated intelligent thermometry walk through metal detector security gate to Suzhou University to solve the urgent problem of the school.

"Our company wants to make every effort, especially the school is the first line of defense. I also hope that the school will be safer and more consolidated when the whole school is about to open, and the students will be able to grasp this period and study well." Mr. Peng of Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. told reporters.


Novel coronavirus is the first line of defense for the company's "first line of defense" intelligent temperature screening system, C product, valued at Wu Wan Yuan. It is designated as the logistics support team of the new pneumonia outbreak command command of the city's new coronavirus. It adopts the international leading digital pulse technology, which supports sound and light alarm, intelligent in and out counting and alarm counting, with stable performance; non-contact non sensitive temperature measurement, automatic sound and light alarm screening when the body temperature is lower than 36 ℃ or higher than 37.3 ℃, and converges through accurate matching of personnel and temperature and other data. According to the school crowd gathering place, the temperature monitoring door can quickly identify the possible virus carriers with suspected symptoms, which is helpful for early detection, early isolation and early treatment.

"Yaowenmen is very convenient for us to prevent and control the epidemic, especially after we start school and students return to school. We thank the company for its selfless dedication. We will further strengthen the prevention and control efforts, especially when our students go to and from school every day, we must first pass the temperature measurement at the door, and we have set up an isolation room here, so we will all receive isolation in the isolation room if there is a temperature exceeding, a cough or a fever. " President Wang of Suzhou University told reporters.

In addition, Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has also recently actively contacted schools and hospitals in other regions with epidemic protection materials to help prevent and control the epidemic in densely populated places.