Temperature Measurement Security Check Gate

- Sep 16, 2020-

Temperature measurement security check gate (only temperature measurement, without metal detection function)

The forehead needs to be aimed at the infrared probe of the door, stay for 3s, within 3cm, the best temperature measurement, the real person sounds the alarm, the design temperature exceeds 37.2C to indicate abnormal body temperature, effectively preventing large-scale disease transmission;

   The room temperature above 20 degrees can be quickly tested with the wrist. It is recommended to test forehead temperature in low temperature places. Not recommended for outdoor use.

Luxurious super-large and bright 7-inch touch color screen;


Temperature measurement alarm: a real person sounds an alarm to indicate abnormal body temperature; has a temperature compensation menu that can adjust the compensation value

Product technology: It is made of PVC product synthetic materials and special technology, waterproof and moisture-proof, luxurious and beautiful appearance, more suitable for large-scale high-end places.

Intelligent statistics: Intelligent passenger flow and alarm counting function can automatically count the number of personnel passing and the number of alarms.

Strong anti-interference ability: adopt digital, analog and left-right balance technology to prevent false alarms and omissions and greatly improve anti-interference ability.

Security protection: Double password protection is adopted, and only authorized personnel are allowed to operate. The password can be modified as needed, and the password recovery setting is provided, which is more secure.

   Parameter settings are automatically stored, no need to use uninterrupted power supply protection, safer and more convenient.

Electromagnetic radiation: In line with EMC electromagnetic radiation standards, using weak magnetic field technology, it is harmless to pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, floppy disks, film, video tapes, etc.

Installation and debugging: This equipment adopts an integrated design, it only takes 20 minutes to install or disassemble, and it is equipped with installation and debugging operation instructions.