Technique Of Using Underground Metal Detector

- Mar 07, 2018-

Technique of using underground metal detector


I remember I have added a group of wild treasure, which are holding a machine to go treasure, I feel quite good fun, then more attention, and later found the wild treasure by more and more people are familiar with, including the now famous platform quickly, many people live treasure, probe into what is all kinds of ancient coins to Chinese, tin, iron, looked quite fun, so I'm on how to use the underground metal detector has done a thorough research, it is a bit of my ideas!


First we get the underground metal detectors, is generally not finished, need to assemble their own, this step is very simple, there are examples of map guide, then take out metal, prepared to do the test, choose a piece of open space, the metal buried in different depth to do the test, choose what you want to choose a fixed value of depth next, we can go to the field.'!


Also note that the underground metal detectors, divided into true signal and pseudo signal, pseudo signal refers to the underground metal detector, false positives, false positives usually have the following situations, magnetic interference, mining, interference, this time we can adjust the frequency of the underground metal detectors of different segment etc., adjust the signal strength to shield or useless interference and the influence of the magnetic field, thus eliminating the false false alarm signal generated.

The above is my little view of the underground gold metal detector, and I hope to help you.