Technical Discussion On The Popularization Of Mobile Phone Archway Metal Detector Security Gate In School

- Feb 19, 2020-

Technical discussion on the popularization of mobile phone archway metal detector security gate in school

It's probably the first time for many people to hear that schools use archway metal detector security gates to check whether students have mobile phones. Some people think that the school is too serious and creates a tense atmosphere. Some people think that the school is too simple and rough. They don't do the propaganda and education work of the students seriously. They take the shortcut and suffer from the dependence of security inspection. Some people think that the school has not implemented the opinions of the education department seriously and infringed the rights of the students. Some people even question whether the school has the right to treat the students Carry out "security check". There must be a lot of criticism.


LED display is built in the left and right sides of the door panel to accurately display the contraband hidden in the corresponding height of the human body. The alarm location can be directly displayed on the four sides of the door post through the column lamp.

Sensitivity adjustability: 12 overlapping detection areas have a 1000 level sensitivity adjustment program, which can preset the possible parts of metal articles according to the use conditions, alarm at multiple locations at the same time, and accurately judge metal articles

The sensitivity can detect the metal with the size of paper clip. The sensitivity can be adjusted between 0-1000, and the possible parts, volume, weight and size of metal articles can be set in advance to adjust the sensitivity properly, so as to eliminate the false alarm of belt buckle, key, jewelry, coin and other articles.

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