Teach You How To Debug A Food Metal Detector?

- Mar 07, 2018-

Teach you how to debug a food metal detector?


A lot of people ask me, how to debug the food metal testing machines ? I remember that I used to write a food inspection needle's view, maybe not very clear, so this article will focus on the food metal detector to introduce how to debug it in detail.

AT metal detector in using02.png 

Food industry metal detector can set various required function and mode, are generally controlled directly in the control panel, set the sensitivity, divided into stalls, can be adjusted to increase and decrease, can be adjusted from one to nine levels, automatically detect trace metal when the alarm mode for X voice control, light control, and at the same time meter alarm, there are products of metal will automatically return to stop or stop state!


The order of the methods to adjust the food metal detection machine is as follows:


1. open the machine switch button, see the roller with a crawler rolling show that the machine is normally started!

2. prepare different sizes of metals for testing

In the form of card, we can use 0.1 centimeters to 20 centimeters of metal to adjust the sensitivity on the control panel through the food metal detector, corresponding to different sizes of metal.

3. let the detectedfood pass through the metal detector, confirmed that no problem, through the metal, bring it back and the need to detect size together over the machine, the machine automatically when the alarm or return to that can detect metal objects.

So how to adjust and how to test is the way it is, I hope to help you!