Teach You How To Buy Underground Metal Detectors?

- Aug 17, 2019-

For the small partners who have just come into contact with underground metal detectors, there are many kinds of metal detectors on the market, which make it difficult to choose. The following edition will give you a detailed explanation of the small knowledge before buying detectors!


First, understand the detector's reputation.

Before buying this detector, look at the evaluation of the people who have bought this kind of metal detector, and make sure that they choose the regular big companies with good reputation to buy it. Don't be greedy for cheapness. Find a small company or individual to buy. Regular large company quality and after-sales aspects are more assured, to avoid future problems where to repair worries, quality and after-sales for our treasure seekers is very important. Especially the friends who order online must choose the official flagship stores. Don't be greedy, cheap and easy to be deceived!

Secondly, according to the practicability of the detector.

Depending on how you choose to use it, the main purpose of purchasing this detector is to detect coins, buried antiques, or missing jewelry rings, and most commonly in those environments, wetlands, dirt, mountains, beaches or rivers. Everything is targeted. Different metal detectors are suitable for different locations, whether on land or underwater. If the "mineralization reaction" of soil is to be considered in land exploration, it is better to choose a detector with balancing function. If underwater exploration, it is necessary to consider the detector's waterproof function, corrosion resistance and sealability. It is better to choose a detector with stable performance and high water pressure resistance.


Third, according to the types of detectors.

(1) Intelligent underground metal detector: Digital intelligent underground metal detector is more suitable for beginners who have just contacted the detector. It can be operated according to the instructions. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, strong discrimination, high accuracy and simple operation. The detected metal objects can be directly displayed on the LCD screen, which is convenient and intuitive.

(2) Mechanical underground metal detectors: mechanical pointer heads need to be adjusted manually and accurately according to the detection environment. The precise positioning button can make it more convenient for users to find metal hidden underground. It is recommended that people with experience in detection buy it.

Fourth, according to the detection range.

(1) The metal detectors with small detection range are the most common and simple detectors on the market. They are suitable for the use of junior scholars. They are characterized by simple operation, simple assembly and easy to carry. Strong maneuverability and accurate positioning. The disadvantage is that generally only shallow metal can be detected, with low sensitivity and shallow detection depth. The detection range is small and has some limitations. It can be used to find lost gold and silver jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. on lawns, parks and beaches at home.

(2) Metal detectors with wide detection range and deep specialty are mainly used to detect coins, ancient coins and buried antiques. The advantage of this method is that it can search and detect in a wide range, that is to say, it can locate accurately and identify the types of metals, which is beyond the reach of the small-scale underground metal detectors.

Speaking so much, Xiaobian still advises you to know the performance, word of mouth and after-sales of each machine before you buy it, see which one is suitable for you to use, and then buy after comparing!