Talking About Treasure Exploration Skills Of Underground Metal Detector

- Sep 24, 2019-

Underground metal detectors are not only widely used in archaeology, but also very important tools for small partners in prospecting for treasures. So is there any skill in using underground metal detectors to explore treasures?


Here, Xiaobian first makes a brief introduction:

1. First of all, we need to go to a regular and well-known business to buy a detector, so that the probability of product quality problems will be greatly reduced, even if it appears, the business will immediately solve for you; In addition, we need to understand the performance of the detector we use, so as to maximize the efficiency of use;

2. Before launching the work on a certain exploration area, we need to fully understand some geological conditions in the area, such as geology, geomorphology, electronic interference, and of course, the weather of the day.

3. For the detected object, repeat detection once or twice, so that the results will be more accurate.

The false signals can be removed after mastering certain skills. The true or false signal here refers to the signal ringing caused by the detection of metals, while the "false" signal refers to the signal caused by minerals, etc., and the false signal is what we want to shield.

The signal caused by "mineralization reaction" can conceal the signal of metal target and cause false impression. While metal is buried underground, the use of old metal detectors is vulnerable to interference, the general old metal detectors can only detect large pieces of metal on the ground or in shallow soil, which is powerless for the metal targets buried deep underground. Now some of the better detectors are able to balance automatically to help us remove "false" signals.

In this case, it is necessary to choose a regular and well-known businessman to purchase and select some underground metal detectors with high performance and sensitivity, such as MD-6350, MD-5008 and other underground metal detectors, which can eliminate the interference signal caused by all other impurities, only when the probe is aimed at the metal target. Only when the noise is emitted can the unpleasant mineralization reaction be effectively eliminated, and the detection depth and accuracy of the instrument are greatly improved.