Talking About The Key Points Of Using The Checkweigher In The Chemical Industry

- Nov 15, 2019-

Talking about the key points of using the checkweigher in the chemical industry

With the rapid development of science and technology, the machine has been widely used in various industries. Now many manufacturers will use this machine to check whether the weight of the product is qualified.


The manufacturer of the weighing scale talks about the key points for the use of the checkweigher in the chemical industry:

1. The part in contact with the material is made of stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance, high standard and long service life of the equipment.

2. Unique power design, few transmission parts, convenient installation and maintenance with platform bracket.

3. Adopt single screw adjustable frequency conversion control mode, with automatic fast, medium, slow and three speed feeding, with higher measurement accuracy.

4. Double scales can be set to work alternately, superposed and independently. It is easy to operate in different modes, with high quantitative range, accuracy and measurement speed.

5. 20 kinds of different packing weight are pre stored to meet the requirements of various metering packing, so that the formula can be easily and quickly transferred out.

6. Select high-quality imported and domestic electrical parts and pneumatic components to ensure stable and reliable operation of the equipment.

7. Dust cover and dedusting device can be added according to the characteristics of materials.

In the application field of automatic weighing, the application of dynamic belt weighing scale has become the mainstream. In the process of weight inspection, the belt weight inspection scale has fully realized the integrated pipeline operation of "automatic weighing online detection automatic rejection", and the efficiency and quality inspection rate have been comprehensively improved.

In terms of product adaptability, the dynamic belt weigher is not limited by whether the product is visible or not, and mainly relies on the principle of weight difference to judge the product quality; in the detection of large-scale, large package and large-scale product missing parts, the full response technology of the dynamic weigher has been mature for a long time, but in the fine weight and quality detection, it puts forward problems for most automatic weighing and testing manufacturers. Suzhou The high-speed and high-precision weighing scale developed by aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. not only improves the speed of online weighing, but also strengthens the algorithm in the accuracy of weighing. The data denoising technology and stability stride forward, further expanding the application scope and space of weighing scale.