Swing Gate Structure | Swing Gate Movement | Swing Gate Introduction

- Mar 22, 2018-

Swing gate structure | swing gate movement | swing gate introduction


Swing gate in appearance with a bridge swing gate and column swing gate two types in a single core swing gate movement of swing gate and double gate swing movement of two types, of course, different angles have different division, do a detailed introduction the swinging gate structure, a few minutes you can know if you want knowledge.


Swing gate structure:

The common gate is composed of a chassis, pendulum movement, swing arm, control system, infrared sensor, control equipment and other components; high-grade brake swing gate: chassis, brake mechanism, control system, infrared sensor, control equipment etc..


Bridge by swinging gate structure shape bridge at the beginning of the more popular name followed by the host box so far, and two movable swing rod, the swing rod can be 180 degrees or 90 degrees swing, to dissuade or release to the host box 2, swing door (ARM) 2, control board 1 sets of Mechanical movement and the transmission part 2, power supply 1, a motor 2;


Column type swing gate main equipment in the form of column shape, and can achieve the same function of swing gate bridge, is characterized by low cost, small occupied space and is mainly composed of 2 columns of 4 columns of rail 8, the swing arm 2, the control panel of 2 sets, 4 transformer, motor 2, machine core and transmission part 2.


Introduction of swing gate core

The swing gate core has two kinds of single core and double core. Single core is one-way traffic, and dual core is two-way traffic.

The control mode of the swing gate core can make the swing gate to be three different types of swing gate, which are mechanical, semi-automatic and fully automatic.