Structural Analysis Of A Hand Held High / Low Sensitivity Metal Detector

- Mar 06, 2018-

Structural analysis of a hand held high / Low sensitivity metal detector


Handheld metal detectors are classified into high sensitivity and earth sensitivity. Many people do not know how to adjust the high and low sensitivity. In fact, the high and low sensitivity is adjustable. When we understand its structural chart, we know how to control it.

Handheld high. Low sensitivity optional metal detector

Sketch Map:



1. detection surface

2. discoloration tube (green for power indication; red for alarm instructions)

3. buzzer sound hole

4. sensitivity regulating hole

5. handle

6. battery cover

7. low sensitivity switch

8. power switch

9. charging socket

10. sound, vibration switch

As above, the high and low sensitivity analysis. The hand-held metal detector structure, divided into ten regions, corresponding to the ten districts in the corresponding region has different effect, when we want to use a function but do not know how to adjust it according to the above regulation.