Station X-ray Security Inspection Machine Maintenance Knowledge

- May 08, 2018-

Station X-ray baggage scanner security inspection machines may experience various failures after continuous use, but if operators can master some maintenance knowledge, they can deal with emergencies well. Today we bring you some issues to be aware of when servicing the station X-ray security screening machine.


1: During the maintenance process, no foreign matter or water droplets can enter the equipment to avoid equipment damage or safety accidents.


2: There are a large number of devices with 220V operating voltage in the equipment. General maintenance must be performed during power-off. If there is live operation, it must be carried out by personnel who have undergone relevant training, and electric shock prevention work must be done.


3: There are a large number of precision electronic devices in the equipment. Before the repair, the anti-electrostatic damage to the device must be prepared.


4: The equipment is used in multiple places to prevent the radiation leakage of the lead protective layer, it is best to wear cotton gloves during the operation, can not wear gloves, wash your hands immediately after the end of the work.


5: Before the equipment is powered on, it should be checked carefully to make sure that the wiring is correct and there is no short-circuited connection.


6: Before opening the ray, cover the cover to avoid personal injury caused by radiation.