Standards For The Use Of Walk-through Security Doors

- Mar 06, 2018-

Standards for the use of walk-through security doors

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Walkthrough metal detector is a kind of metal detection device, security door is a referred to it, also known as metal security doors,door frame metal detectors, walk through security scanners, archway detection gates,walk through security door, single zone, six zone,eight zones arch security doors/gates, it is mainly used in airports, private and other public place is used to detect personnel who are carrying dangerous goods, to ensure that people travel safety, when we purchase the security door, do not blindly attracted by low prices.


Is more important to see whether it is the use of security standards, if not up to belong to the unqualified security door, it is easy to cause the leak and cause a major accident, so we need to know about the use of standard security door!


Security doors use standard is divided into three parts


The first appliance standards, can be implemented according to EN60950 safety standard contrast


Second for radiation protection standards, and most important, specific reference to the inside of the EN50081-1 standard strictly, we can do when buying anjianmen contrast!


Third for anti-interference standard, mainly for the use of site requirements, standard comparison can refer to EB50082-1


Of course, what we have said the wak-through security doors are required to use the standard manufacturers standard, there are some security doors using standard for example:

The gate power supply, power supply security requirements in AC220V, the voltage in the range of AC187-242V is in line with China's electricity standard, of course, some foreign and domestic voltage will be different, so be sure to ask the site to use the information in the country and provinces to buy the security gate!


The second is demands on the environment, security requirements must be used in ventilated and dry place, if the dust must be timely clean so as not to affect the use, we can use an alcohol scrub machine to scrub, do not use chemical cleaning to avoid damaging the security gate internal circuit board

The above is security door using the standard, daily purchase we according to the test of a good security door