Special Recommendation For Xray Baggage Scanner Machine AT10080 Classic Sales List First

- Mar 24, 2018-

Special recommendation for Xray baggage scanner machine AT10080 classic sales list first


AT10080 classic Xray baggage scanner machine top sales list.


Product advantages:

1. parameter global lead: in the inspection report issued by the Ministry of public security, each of the parameters is ahead of the other products.

2. international famous brand accessories: American SPELLMAN ray source, Japan, HAMMATSU detector, German INTERROLL roller.

3. energy saving design: the machine can automatically induce objects, the luggage is put on the machine to start and run, no baggage, and the machine is still.

4. one key shutdown control: when the machine is shut down, the key is rotated. The equipment is automatically and safely shut down to reduce the failure of the equipment.

5. environmental protection design: lead curtain plus protective film to prevent lead contact from guests and avoid lead pollution.

6. dynamic screen switching: the screen can be switched at a static time, and can also be switched at a dynamic time.


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