Special Food Metal Detector For Seasoning And Salting

- Nov 06, 2019-

Special food metal detector for seasoning and salting

In a broad sense, seasoning refers to the general designation of auxiliary foods that can increase the color and flavor of dishes and promote appetite and health, including salty, sour, sweet, fresh and spicy agents, such as salt, soy sauce, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, sugar, star anise, fennel, pepper, mustard, etc. Salting is a kind of pickled products, which is mainly pickled vegetables, bacon, preserved eggs, divided into dry state, semi dry state and wet state. Most of the materials in these products contain conductive substances such as salt, water and sugar, which will interfere with metal detection in actual detection, that is, material effect.

Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has specially customized a special food metal detector for multi-frequency condiment according to the characteristics of these detection materials. The equipment has strong phase adjustment function, and is equipped with an intelligent operation system of LCD touch screen, so that the signals of these materials can be automatically and effectively collected and the material effect can be timely suppressed, so as to achieve the goal of effective detection. For products without material effect or with low material effect, high frequency detection can be set with high detection sensitivity. For products with large material effect, low frequency operation is adopted for the equipment, and phase value is adjusted according to the material effect value, so as to meet the user's use demand.


Aoteng brand food metal detector is equipped with a 10 inch full-color touch screen, with high performance configuration and convenient use. It can support the operation of Chinese and English systems without the use of instructions. Just like using a smart phone, it can operate according to the requirements of the menu itself. The metal detector has super strong sensitivity and can choose a variety of detection working frequencies. The product has a wide range of adaptability, dry and half Both dry and wet products can be tested with one device. The equipment is equipped with a self-test system, which can self check after startup. It adopts high-speed digital processor and advanced digital filtering technology to quickly collect and process signals. The equipment has a variety of material storage functions. For the first time, it can carry out signal collection and phase adjustment according to different materials of users and store relevant values in the equipment. In the later stage, it can directly call out relevant material codes It can be used normally. The device has the function of record management and date setting. The software system can be upgraded and adjusted according to the user's needs.

In terms of hardware, the whole frame is made of authentic 304 stainless steel, waterproof, antifreeze and corrosion-resistant, IP65 certified, and the conveyor belt is made of environmental friendly and non-toxic PU material, which is resistant to oil stain, moisture, deformation and impact. Coils of domestic and foreign famous brands are used, and epoxy resin is used for sealing. The whole set of circuit board is independently developed, produced and guaranteed in quality. The motor is made of Taiwan famous Brand, etc., to ensure the quality assurance of products in terms of hardware.

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