Solving The Walk Through Metal Detector Gate Problem For Customers Is Our Motivation

- Apr 06, 2021-

Recently, we received a customer’s feedback suggestion, and put forward some of the modification requirements for the walk through metal detector security gate product. After in-depth discussion by the management, the modification proposal was considered feasible, so the management organized the customer’s modification overnight. The plan, the revised plan for the walk through metal detector security gate was implemented in only two days.

Due to the tight construction time of the customer, the customer was very worried about whether the walk through metal detector security gate was in place or not, and even took a plane to the Suzhou factory to watch the production progress in person. Our engineers and production staff are trying their best to solve the customer's problems, everything is proceeding smoothly, and finally the customer's goods are produced within the agreed time.


After the goods were shipped, the management personally took the lead in the transfer of technical personnel from the  factory and salespersons from the factory to go to the customer site to solve problems for the customer. With the arrival of the leader and the technicians, all the installation and commissioning work of the security gate was soon completed, and it was in a normal working state.

The customer’s modification requirements have been summarized by the engineers, mainly for their advantages in their special use scenarios, but it is inconvenient to use for normal security checks, but it can solve the customer’s current problems. This is us What engineers do and meet customer needs are also our responsibility. We are also happy to solve various problems for customers.


With the efforts of the engineers and the active participation of the management, the customer’s project soon reached the acceptance period, and the customer successfully received the construction project payment. A project with special needs was successfully completed. The entire project was only in a short amount of time. It will be done within a week.