Smart Security Machine Is The Development Trend Of Public Security In The Future

- Jan 29, 2020-

With the trend of economic development, the state attaches more and more importance to the security of social development. The X-ray security inspection machine has become a necessary equipment for every key entry-exit port, but it also causes new problems to ensure the security. The traditional X-ray image judgment is always dependent on human services, with low quality and efficiency, long time and large amount of labor, and it is unable to effectively identify the X-ray image in the X-ray image Illegal items and missed inspection problems emerge in endlessly, and become the headache of many security companies and security inspection machine units.

For the prominent problems of the x-ray security check machine industry, intelligent security check system arises from time to time, which is different from many problems of artificial service mapping. Intelligent security check system can identify all kinds of abnormal blocks timely and accurately, and install intelligent human brain for the x-ray security check machine.

From artificial service mapping to intelligent identification, this transition enables traditional security machine manufacturers to stand out from many competitors. In order to make their own products have more advantages, many security machine manufacturers have already begun to look for the development of smart security machine system software, so what should be the basis for the selection of smart security system to choose products

1. The first one is the recognition rate. The higher the intelligent recognition ratio, the more popular it is with the user, At present, the recognition rate of intelligent security inspection system software on the market is widely below 90%, and there will be some errors in the display of technically limited interface. For this requirement, aoteng intelligent security inspection system will increase the recognition rate of intelligent map judgment to about 92%, and the recognition interface is clear and stable, which can meet the recognition requirements of various X-ray security inspection machines

2. The second is the type of recognition. The larger the type of intelligent recognition covers, the higher the security performance. In order to cope with the rapid development of the types of prohibited articles, in the whole process of identification, the types of prohibited articles are not fully covered, which will lead to false detection and missing detection of identification, and also lead to a certain reduction of security. At intelligent security system covers 33 types of prohibited articles, and selects real statistical data samples of about 4.5 million to detect, which is applicable to all kinds of security machine scenarios.

3. The third is the false detection rate of identification. The lower the intelligent false detection rate is, the higher the safety performance will be. The false detection is the most difficult problem for many security inspection workers. The responsibility of working on the x-ray security inspection machine is to check the package. In the peak period, the average time of checking the package is once every 20 seconds, so many security inspection workers feel hard, while the intelligent security inspection system reduces the probability of identifying the false detection to 5%, eliminating the problem It is inconvenient to open the package and deal with the inconvenience of regular package checking by the staff of the security inspection machine.


4. The fourth is the speed of recognition. The faster the speed of intelligent recognition is, the higher the efficiency will be. It can reduce the work pressure of human flow in the peak of security inspection. As for the impact of slow identification speed of the security check machine on the peak passenger flow, I think many people have experienced it personally, which will often cause many passengers to fail to catch a ride, affect the mood of passengers and cause conflicts. It is also common to have disputes with relevant departments, so the recognition speed is very important. The recognition speed of the intelligent security check system is within 35ms, achieving millisecond level recognition, It adapts to the identification of individual package, continuous package and several packages, which improves the commodity circulation rate of tourists.

5. Whether the function key of intelligent recognition is sensitive enough, whether it can select the relative scene according to the specific situation, whether it can define the type of violations by itself, and whether the alarm function of violations is flexible.

There are also some other features, such as setting different security levels according to different scenarios. The higher the security level, the higher the diagnostic rate will be, and it can be set according to the flow of people. For different scenarios, different regulations on the type identification of prohibited articles can also be set automatically to reduce many inconvenience. When finding prohibited articles After product system software audible and visual alarm, prompt security inspection machine staff to open package inspection, this role of intelligent security inspection system can help traditional security inspection machine to maintain, enhance the competitive advantage of traditional security inspection machine.

In the future, the overall planning of the intelligent security inspection system is to integrate the technology of "integration of human, package and certificate", maintain a high degree of information management of security inspection prevention in key areas, and further improve the efficiency of the security inspection machine.