Seven Tips For Choosing A Walk Through Metal Detector

- Dec 18, 2017-

Currently, the price of security doors on the market is ranging from several hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. Facing the price range, people often choose blindly. Next, I will answer how to choose the security check door for you.
20180501092622.jpgFirst, the detection ability.
As the human body walk through the security gate, whether it can 100% detect the hidden dangerous metal, and can multi-zone high brightness display the location of dangerous metal. The detection ability of the security gate involves the detection uniformity of sensitivity.
1.Sensitivity: the sensitivity of the security gate is classified as a class a, generally used in prison, chip detection and other industries with high requirements. The requirement of civil aviation is generally class b, but the requirement of detection uniformity is very high.
2. Detection uniformity: this is quite important to the security gate, and the bottom control and measuring ability of the general security gate is weak. Even if the local sensitivity is improved, it is often difficult to achieve the highest level of requirements. The general test method is to ensure that all locations to the same metal test object alarm or do not alarm, each location test 10 times. Only a higher level of security doors can achieve uniform detection. The principle of security doors is when metal objects pass through the magnetic field generated by the columns on both sides of the door, thus causing magnetic field induction and alarm. This will inevitably lead to the sensitivity of both sides of the door plate to the middle of the decline phenomenon, that is, the sensitivity of both sides near the door plate will be higher than the middle, now many manufacturers of security inspection machines also produce security doors. And claims to be able to detect a paper clip-sized metal, but in fact many manufacturers can only be measured very close to both sides of the door, the middle is not reflected at all. Small pieces of metal can be detected without belt buckles, while belt buckles, keys, and mobile phones are excluded. In the case of coins, we should be able to detect the control tools and firearms. The detection uniformity and stability have a certain correlation, can not miss and false alarm, the quality of the security door near its sensitivity limit will have an alarm. Sometimes we don't call the police.

Second, stability and self diagnosis function has the function of self diagnosis.
It can detect the faults of every system and display them on the control panel. It can also detect the automatic alarm and stop work when the surrounding magnetic field is affected.

Thirdly, anti-interference.
whether the anti-jamming capability is not interfered by security devices or other electromagnetic signals, such as security inspection machines, etc., and can be detected at close proximity (less than 15cm) of multiple probes.

Fourth, the seismic door body can not continue to sound when shaking, a security door stability and anti-jamming ability, directly affect the normal use of security doors.
Some enterprises and users in the purchase of security doors did not notice the relevant aspects or were deliberately avoided by some manufacturers, resulting in the purchase of security gate magnetic field induction principle, when the security door in the magnetic field or environmental magnetic field vibration. Easy to cause false alarm, a quality clearance of the security door, when no one passes, even if the magnetic field shock (such as strong wind blowing, slapping the door board to produce sloshing) should not appear false alarm. It shows that the current magnetic field is abnormal, and that when the magnetic field oscillates, someone is passing right through. We should also ensure that the speed of the communication returns to normal, rather than keep the false alarm from time to time.

Fifth, the detection effectiveness of general security door with automatic alarm number by the number of statistics and function.
If the display does not match the number and real number, which may cause omission means security loopholes, good security doors should be able to get one hundred times one hundred times.

Sixth, parameter management according to different security level or the use of different occasions.
We should built the international authoritative organization issued the security level for the user according to the different security level requirements to provide multiple sets of parameters, easy to use direct selection. At present, most security doors can provide the quick selection of parameters or change the parameters or remote. For storage of completely individualized parameters, some security doors Support IC smart card authorization operation.

Seventh, Qualification and security certification.
Security door production must be through the quality of security detection testing qualification certificate (including the detection of environmental adaptability, all the test items in accordance with the detection performance requirements and test methods), export must be certified by related exporting certification, such as CE. the smaller the electromagnetic field for pregnant women, life support systems and multimedia disk without damage.