Selection And Use Principle Of Wing Gate

- Oct 29, 2019-

Because the wing gate is very beautiful and generous in the aspect of access control. Moreover, it is easy to maintain and convenient for personnel control. Therefore, it is very popular with all friends at present. So, at present, what are the purchase and use principles of wing gate? Let's study them together.

Principle of wing gate selection

Applicability: when choosing the wing gate, the real and appropriate one is the best, as long as it is selected according to its own conditions. It is not that the more expensive one is, the more appropriate it is. The environmental and management requirements determine how to choose. If I buy a high price but not suitable for it, I will lose a lot of money.

Cost performance: the channel suitable for installation is beautiful and affordable, isn't it better? The material and the performance of the movement are two important factors that determine the wing gate. When purchasing the wing gate, you need to have a good understanding and choose the product with high cost performance as much as possible.

Installation environment: Wing gate has many styles for specific occasions, such as prison wing gate, etc. According to the customer's device occasions, such as the import of some enterprises and institutions or supermarket Park, considering that some employees may need to pass through the single car tram (swing gate), the wing gate needs to be customized (or consider the use of wide channel swing gate access).

Style: there are many forbidden styles of wing gate, such as inclined wing gate, round wing gate, pointed wing gate, etc. of course, it can also be customized non-standard wing gate, etc. There are also some special styles, such as full height wing gate, rail transit active AGM, prison wing gate, etc. The wing gate of various styles is dazzling. At this time, the main consideration is cost performance and applicability.

Aesthetics: for places such as hotels and government agencies with high-level comparison, we need to consider the aesthetics of the passage gate, which is not only an image problem, but also a psychological feeling, so the aesthetics cannot be ignored.

Wing gate is used more and more frequently in real life. When using the passage wing gate, the noise and impact problems in the working process of wing gate are reduced, the service life is improved, and the advantages of wing gate are better exerted.


Application principle of wing gate

In the process of using wing gate, the cardholder swipes the card outside the yellow line. Do not stand at the infrared alarm of wing gate to swipe the card. Only when the wing gate is opened to a certain degree and there is an indication arrow prompt, can the cardholder enter. It is better not to linger in it, so as to improve the smoothness of progress channel.

Cardholder should not fold or alter the card, or put the card and magnetic items together to avoid card failure. If the card is lost, the cardholder must contact the management department in time to register from the beginning to avoid information leakage.

In the process of wing gate passing, it is not allowed to enter the passage of wing gate. Do not force the wing gate to open to avoid injury caused by ram clip. The front personnel have passed the center point, and the rear personnel can swipe the card (customers should pay attention to the old wing gate before using it, 2012 is a new model, and the old wing gate must be closed in place before swiping the card). When swiping the card, there will be arrow indication at the same time. Open the gate, so that it can pass quickly. If the machine has an alarm or voice prompt, don't pass at will. If the machine has a problem, immediately inform the management department to check it and ask the professional engineer to maintain it.

The cardholder swipes the card in the sensing area, not too high, to avoid not being sensed, and not to post the card in the sensing area. The right hand card is accurate, parallel to the sensing area, 20-30mm away from the sensing area is the best, and the card swipes successfully when hearing the sound card with "Di".

Wing gate also needs to be maintained frequently. Do not think it is omnipotent. Regularly carry out the internal and external dust of the case (refer to the maintenance and treatment methods of swing gate) to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Wing gate ban in the current use and purchase, there are more principles. According to their own needs. As a professional R & D and production enterprise. Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is the industry leader. Is your first choice gate brand, welcome your consultation.