Saliva Drug Detector Is A Tool For Checking Drugs And Driving Spirits

- Jan 30, 2020-

Saliva drug detector is a tool for checking drugs and driving spirits

In recent years, drug driving has become the number one "killer" of road traffic safety, and has also become a new problem of endangering public safety that the whole society pays close attention to. The number of accidents caused by drug driving is increasing year by year, mainly because it is difficult to find the existence of drug driving, so it is unable to better investigate and punish.

Since May 18, 2017, the compulsory industry standard ga1333-2017 threshold and inspection of drug content in vehicle drivers submitted by the road traffic management standardization technical committee of the Ministry of public security has been approved for release after being reviewed by the Technical Supervision Committee of the Ministry of public security. The release of this industry standard means that in the future, the road traffic management departments have the same standards for road law enforcement and investigation of "drug driving" as for "alcohol driving".


Then, in order to cooperate with the grass-roots police to carry out the action of drug driving, Guangdong Zhengfu forensic toxicology Judicial Appraisal Institute introduced a portable saliva drug detector. This portable saliva drug detector is certified by the quality supervision and inspection center of criminal technical products of the Ministry of public security. It mainly uses saliva as the test sample, and can detect 5 items (amphetamines, ketamine, opioids, cocaine, marijuana) at one time, more of which can be expanded to 9 items. It can realize the simultaneous detection of multiple items and effectively reduce the complex process of multiple detection. Moreover, this detector has the functions of automatic location, acquisition and storage of field information, which can collect test data in real time and print test results on site. The whole detection process is controlled and used by software, which makes the data more reliable and the results more accurate.

Product advantages: intelligent detection, automatic identification of drug use types, material evidence collection, storage, on-site printing, real-time transmission, automatic identification of ID card, data sharing of dynamic control system for drug users, data sharing of traffic control system, customized function modules,

Application scenario:

Public security drug control system: routine screening, critical examination, entertainment screening, community drug rehabilitation and community rehabilitation screening;

Traffic control system: drug screening for drivers of motor vehicles, trains, airplanes, ships, etc., and physical examination screening for application and reissue of driving licenses;

Professional institutions: drug screening in hospitals, customs, border and entry exit checkpoints, and physical examination in military recruitment and special industries.