Safety Inspection Machine Daily Maintenance

- Apr 18, 2018-

Safety inspection machine daily maintenance


Channel type X-ray luggage scanner security inspection equipment can only be used to inspect the goods! It is strictly forbidden to check the human body or other creatures!

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Prohibits sitting or standing on the conveyor belt.

Banned any part of the body in the X channel start X-ray security inspection equipment to check the channel!

Ensure luggage is not being stacked in the detection channel or export terminal! If luggage is blocked, the inspection channel should be shut down before clearing up.

Prevent liquid into the machine, such as this should be immediately shut down.

Channel type X-ray security inspection equipment and monitor the thermovent not blocked!

System before work must be grounded. The main power socket and installation site must have reliable grounding configuration.

Equipment work, try to avoid standing in the channel near the entrance, exit.

Lead curtain is damaged or open, can make the equipment work.

Although the X radiation dose is very small, but non staff or equipment to keep away from.



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