Safety And Precautions For The Maintenance Of X-ray Baggage Safety Inspection Machine

- Mar 03, 2018-

Safety and precautions for the maintenance of x-ray baggage safety inspection machine


In the process of maintenance, there can be no foreign objects and water drops into the equipment to avoid damage to equipment or safety accidents.


There are a large number of devices whose working voltage is 220V. The general maintenance must be carried out at the time of power failure. If we want to operate in charged state, we must let trained personnel do it, and meanwhile we must do well in preventing electric shock.


The equipment has a large number of precise electronic devices, and it is necessary to prepare the device to prevent the electrostatic damage before maintenance.


There are many lead protection layers to prevent radiation leakage, and cotton gloves should not be worn during operation, and gloves can not be worn. Wash hands immediately after work.


The equipment should be checked carefully before the equipment is connected to confirm the connection is correct, there is no wrong connection, the short connection situation.


Before opening the ray, put the cover plate well so as to avoid the injury caused by the radiation of the rays.