Related Applications Of Food Metal Detectors In Food And Pharmaceutical Industry.

- Apr 10, 2018-

Related applications of food metal detectors in food and pharmaceutical industry.


While people's living standards are improving, they pay special attention to their lives and safety, especially in food, medicine and so on. Then there are more hidden dangers in these areas, and the state has made compulsory certification in the fields of food and medicine, and all kinds of metal detectors, such as food and drug metal detectors, have emerged.


The food and pharmaceutical industry is restricted by very strict laws and regulations to prevent security problems in the supply chain and to ensure that products are applicable to consumers. According to the law, manufacturers should be responsible for any problems arising in the production process.


If there are safety problems, sometimes it will lead to the consequences of product recall, which will definitely damage the brand image. In the event of a product recall, the manufacturer must prove that the product has been properly detected, including due diligence, and the manufacturer needs to provide relevant certification to ensure that the product meets the requirements of the laws and regulations.


Metal detector device, as a way of detection, can help manufacturers comply with strict regulations. Metal detectors can detect metallic foreign bodies in the production process of the food and pharmaceutical industry, and discover potential and dangerous external factors in time, including iron, non iron and non-magnetic stainless steel. The latest metal detector is designed according to the comprehensive factors such as quality, safety, cost, efficiency and regulatory requirements of manufacturers.


Because of the special performance of the metal detector, it can be realized:

In fermentation, production and packaging, almost all foods or medicines will have risks of physical and bacterial contamination. Therefore, product detection is very important. The installation of metal detection system can not only identify contaminated products, but also use a reject device to automatically remove contaminated products from the production process. A record of the metal detection procedures can again help to take measures to prevent the problem after.


Manufacturers can get more benefits if they choose the appropriate metal detector manufacturers, including observing the safety standards of food and medicine. First of all, the advanced metal detector is reliable and consistent, which can be used for a long time and get the largest ROI. Besides, effective detection mechanism can maximize productivity and eliminate contaminated products in time, without stopping production lines. These systems can also be equipped with software with state monitoring technology, which can provide an early warning before actual hazards happen.


Customer recognition is very important for a successful brand. Brand needs to always ensure customer satisfaction. When brand is not satisfied with customers, it loses all credibility. If there is a product recall, it will pose a threat to the reputation of the brand, which may lead the customer to the competitor's product.


Quality control plays a crucial role in building good brand reputation and avoiding product recall. Therefore, successful food and pharmaceutical brands pay much attention to quality control, so as to maintain their credibility in the minds of customers. Only in this way, can the brand establish the reputation of high quality and reliable product in the mind of customers.


Metals are the most common physical pollutants in food and pharmaceutical products. Therefore, it is advisable to use the needle detector in the quality assurance process. These Explorer can achieve a win-win situation between the brand and the consumer. The improvement of the safety of the product will bring practical benefits to the consumer, thus improving the loyalty of the consumer, and the increase in the sales of the consumer's loyalty will benefit the brand.


Finally, because of the fierce market competition, all kinds of metal detectors emerge as the times require, and we need to always focus on product detection. Similarly, manufacturers must be able to respond to updates and revisions in the food safety law. Metal detectors seem to be the most cost-effective, reliable and efficient way to protect brands and ensure customer satisfaction.