Recognition And Discrimination Of Metal Detector Target For Intelligent Children

- Nov 13, 2019-

Recognition and discrimination of metal detector target for intelligent children

Welcome to use intelligent popular science toys, portable children's intelligent metal detector. This toy is equipped with digital programming circuit, which can enhance children's and students' interest in exploring nature. There are many substances in nature with metal characteristics, which exist in various forms. Through the exploration and search of children and students, let children subconsciously understand the magic and mystery of nature through their own practice. Learn knowledge from play, and enhance your interest in things.

Target recognition and discrimination:

The metal detector can identify hidden metal by category and eliminate unnecessary metal from detection.

"Identification" refers to the ability of the detector to identify the target and eliminate it from the detection. When the target category is removed from the detection, we say it has been identified.

target recognition

The recognition function can distinguish three types of metal targets:

1. Ferrous: This includes many iron targets, such as nails, screws, bolts and some large iron objects, such as horseshoes. Recognition will respond in a low tone and display an icon.

2. Low conductor non-ferrous metals: This includes many rings and small jewelry, as well as many junk metals, such as tin foil, puller, nut and bottle cap. The recognition function will respond with a medium tone and display an icon.

3. High conductor non-ferrous metals: This includes most copper and silver coins, as well as modern prepackaged coins. The recognition mode will display the icon in high tone.

Identification settings:

When the detector is turned on, all three categories are enabled, which means it will detect all metal targets. You can eliminate the target category by pressing the identify button.

Press once to eliminate the iron target. Pressing again will also remove the low conductor non-ferrous metal. A third time back to the default state and detect all metals.

Three tones:

The detector emits bass, midrange or treble depending on the type of metal detected.

Bass: black metal for left target category.

Midrange: medium conductivity is the right target category.

Treble: high conductivity metal is the correct target category.