Reasons For The Price Gap Of X-ray Luggage Scanner Machine

- Mar 03, 2020-

Reasons for the price gap of X-ray luggage scanner machine

Nowadays, security inspection equipment is widely used in express logistics, stations and some large-scale activities. Why is the price difference of X-ray luggage scaner machine so large? It is mainly caused by the following reasons.


Reason 1: different product models

The sizes of the models are different, and all the prices are different. The common models of X-ray luggage scanner machines are 5030 6550 8065, 10080, etc. the difference between them is that the channel sizes are different. For example, 5030 means that the channel sizes are 500mm in height and 300mm in height, which are generally used to detect small-scale items. The 10080 channel sizes are 1000mm in width and 800mm in height, which are generally used to detect large-scale items. This is one of the reasons for the price difference.

Reason 2: different performance

The performance of each model is different. General performance refers to the difference of penetration. High performance is represented by letter C, while low performance is represented by letter A. for example, 5030A refers to low-energy security inspection machine, with penetration of 14mm steel plate and 5030c refers to high-energy penetration of 43mm steel plate.

Reason 3: different production materials used

Different brands have been gradually displayed in the market, and the production materials used by different manufacturers are also different. For manufacturers, some manufacturers use low-quality materials to save costs, resulting in shorter service life of equipment and product quality problems. This is also the reason for the price difference.

All of the above are the reasons for the gap in the price of X-ray luggage scanner security inspection machine, because the purchase standards of various manufacturers are different, and of course, there are some other reasons, such as freight, installation, etc., that affect the price of the machine. Some manufacturers do not package installation, some manufacturers package installation.